Seeking a broader canvas

This is something new.

For the past 8 years I have sporadically written a blog called McGuire on Media. That name was suggested by my dear friend and former colleague, Pam Fine. I will continue that blog on a weekly or so basis but for a couple of reasons I have decided to branch out. I want and need a broader canvas.

People close to me know that my wife of 39 years, Jean Fannin McGuire, died on June 21. That has given me a lot more to think about and a lot more time to write. It has also focused my attentions on grief. Some other people know that I hope to publish a book on Amazon in the next few months called Some People Take Them Home, A disabled dad, a Down syndrome son, and our journey to acceptance. So disability is very much on my mind.

When I was the top editor in Ypsilanti Mi. and Lakeland Fla. very early in my career I wrote page one blurbs about everyday life. In Lakeland it was called Getting to Know Polk. I observed daily oddities and quirks in life in short blurbs. The pieces were often funny and revealing about the human condition.

I want to write about all those things and I want to drive traffic to my new website, which will promote my book.

Leveraging Pam Fine’s first instinct, this new blog will be called McGuire on life, disability and grief. That is one really broad canvas, but I hope the glue for readers is an honest, heartfelt expression of provocative and inspiring ideas on essential parts of the human condition.

I plan on using some book excerpts, reacting to news and exploring some unanswerable dilemmas to make readers laugh, cry and think. That, in my view, has always been the most basic journalistic calling.

I hope you will come along for the ride and tell your friends on social media. This blog will only affect people if you help me make it viral.

6 thoughts on “Seeking a broader canvas

  1. I am going to share this with My cousin, Jeff Huffman. He also has a son Nash, with Down syndrome. Jeff is a busy advocate for opportunity and awareness of ability.


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